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Grantmakers for Southern Progress welcomes foundations, individual donors, and philanthropic advisors as members.  The working group is member-driven and member-led, which means that the primary benefit of membership is being able to shape the direction of GSP in concert with colleagues from the South and nationally.  It also means that GSP is member-funded, through sponsorships.

Criteria for Membership:

  • Commitment to GSP’s goals of increasing the amount of investment in social change and social justice in the South as well as the strategic collaboration among funders who fund in the South.

  • In addition to sharing our goals, members are encouraged to engage through consistent participation in GSP programs (webinars, teleconferences, learning tours, conference sessions) and participation in one or more of GSP’s Committees (e.g., Program, Steering). 

GSP Membership Benefits:

  • Most importantly -- engagement with colleagues towards shared goals of increasing social change work in the South, through increased philanthropic activity or more strategically coordinated efforts.

  • Multiple avenues for deepening understanding of the South and the funding opportunities in the region.

  • Opportunities to leverage resources with philanthropic colleagues in GSP.

  • Opportunities to create and participate in ad hoc working groups specific to interests.

  • Access to resources on the GSP website, including notes or content from past GSP funder briefings.

  • Priority for having session ideas included in conferences or other events.

  • Priority for participation in GSP learning tours or conference sessions.

  • Access to a database of organizations in the South dedicated to southern progress (in development).

For more information on how to get involved, and for any questions, contact us at: